A Compassionate Bloomsburg Attorney You Can Trust

Individuals with disabilities need a lawyer who understands what options are available to receive benefits as well as what types of estate planning documents can protect their assets and quality of life.

Susan Tetrick Lynch Attorney at Law understands the complex process of applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. She also has experience helping families prepare for the future through smart estate planning. Susan's knowledge of these often interrelated issues helps her ask the right questions so she can advocate on your behalf and make sure your estate plan is accurate and addresses all of your and your family's needs.

Helping You Navigate Complex Legal Processes

Located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Susan Tetrick Lynch Attorney at Law helps clients navigate through the Social Security Disability and estate planning processes. To see how she can help you or your family, call her at 570-316-4004 or 800-840-6637. You may also fill out her online contact form to the right.